One Stop Solution for Your Real Estate Needs


Backed by over a decade and a half of experience, Sri Vedatraye is a futuristic real estate company that believes in keeping customers needs first. Its extensive expertise across Hyderabad ensures that the company brings a unique and comprehensive market understanding. Not only it has helped thousands of investors maximize the value of their real estate investments, the company’s offerings have also provided quality housing solutions to equal number of families.



Investing in land/properties offers profitable prospects, however, it has its own benefits and drawbacks. The skilled and experienced team of Sri Vedatraye works toward fully meeting the investment needs of all sizes of investors. Drawing on its collective knowledge of over a decade and half, the customer-focused company understands what steps need to be taken to achieve optimal results – for the best possible returns on your real estate investment.


Sri Vedatraye extends its expertise in the construction of residential and commercial buildings, including but not limited to planning, designing, approvals, contracting and timely implementation. What separates the company from its competitors are its strong values that are cemented by the team’s commitment to excellence and devotion to ensuring standards. It also undertakes building of infrastructure facilities such as roads and buildings.



Sri Vedatraye is equally adept at providing strategic advice of transactional and non-transactional nature, relating to purchase or disposal of properties, construction of buildings, or dealing with government departments. The bespoke solutions, depending on each client’s needs, are focused on resolving contentious issues in an amicable atmosphere to the satisfaction of all the parties concerned. It also guides clients in securing loans for real estate purpose.