Residential Open Land near ORR Muthangi


Spurt in growth is visible in the places surrounding Muthangi Outer Ring Road. However this same has not been witnessed around Muthangi Outer Ring Road, mainly due to the absence of roads that could connect them to the world outside. Concerted efforts are now being made to bring in all-round growth in the area, including the much needed connecting roads, thanks to the initiatives taken by Sri Vedatraye Developers.
Today Muthangi Outer Ring Road is connected to Mumbai Highway, Ring Road, Multi Model Transport System (MMTS) and Hyderabad Metro Rail. This has not only brought in visible improvement in the living standards of the people in the area but also exposed them to different facilities available outside.

Kama Dhenu Amber

Sri Vedatraye has already pooled 130 acres of land to develop it as residential land. Another chunk of land admeasuring 70 acres is in the process of being added to the syndicate, thus making it a large land venture in Hyderabad. Apart from encouraging investment in land, plans are afoot to build residential colonies in the area as well.